Silly Freestyle

from by DaDadoh

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    DaDadoh Finally Releases His First Full Length Album Entitled "RADICAL" Via TVLiFE Entertainment! This Album Was Executive Produced By Bryan Preston (Additional Production By Dopamine Dreams, WOLFZiE & MVG) And Was Recorded At Jamarvin's Room In Tempe, AZ And Mastered By S. Mitting At The 20ft. Studio In Phoenix, AZ. All Songs Written By DaDadoh For TVLiFE Entertainment (2016).

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Is you the one
No, I'm the two
Cause I'm a coming straight for your throat
Who the fuck is you?
I be that
Young killer
Psych, no really though
Unless it be the mike then I give ya'll that deadly flow
I just looking at the backwards
And that's the past
And I'm a bastard
I'm on a skateboard
But not really no mo'
Cause I done fucked up and hit the curb and I'm like 'Oh!'
That's the same ol' song
Mother fuckers tellin' me 'Ay, yo we get along'
Ay yo, Ay yo, Ay yo
That's like a lot of vowels
From the east coast
Then the beat go...
That be that bass line
Shout out to Mr.UU
Like every time
Coming with that Jamaican flow that make them women whine
Ya homey sippin' wine
I'm in the magazine but not the one that's 'Time'
I'm in that other one
The one you ain't seen
Cause it's like fourty dollars a pop and I ain't even got one
So I gave it to my momma momma
Then you can say I know know know know
I 'on't even know what I just say now
And I got the beat and then they give me dough
Cause I act and then I'm mention in that show
And I got this crazy, crazy ass flow
And these niggas they tellin' me just where to go
And you know...

I'm probably at the spot gettin' burritos with Cheetos and other shit
But they don't believe me though
It's all gravy
I got that potato
Mother fuckers tell me 'Is you really hard boiled?"
I be like "Naw nigga. I'm east coast spoiled."
That mean I'm on a plane twice a day
Fuck what they say
Cause that's the motherfuckin' layover
Give me this beer nigga
I'm probably hungover
And take that sip
Yo, this really real
Is that spit?
No, homey I just chill
No Netflix
I need yo chick
Tell her come through
My legs is really sore
I need massages
And never mind all of that garbage
I'm talking they music
They know who do this
Yo, I do this
Why I even say that
You already knew this
Oh! Who is...
Coming with that blues shit
Cause I'm really from The South
And I'm coming from that ho house
And she always give me mouth
And I'm coming in that Uber
Or I'm probably in a Lyft
I'm just sippin' on some bew
And I'm just trying to spit some shit

I'm just trying spit some shit x3
We just trying to spit some shit

This that southwest living
West coast chillin'
Now i'm on the border
I know they think I'm illin'
Boy I got that feelin'
That's really Disney
I'm hittin' on that
That's really clumsy of me
I got them guns
Not the ones that go "POW POW POW"
The ones that go "PIFT"
That's that air soft shit
You don't know how I live
We in that backroom
The other room
Not the one to the right
The one's that's coming up soon
When you coming down the hallway
Each and every day day
Ay, yo what them niggas say?
Them niggas said some bullshit
Them niggas on that bullshit
What these niggas doing then?
The beat never stop nigga

This gon' be the extended


from Radical, released August 19, 2016



all rights reserved


DaDadoh Tempe, Arizona

#TVLiFE Entertainment (2016)

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