Do It

by DaDadoh

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"2016 is going to be even BIGGER and BETTER for Dadadoh. He has a new album and a short film in the pipeline. Expect good things from this multi-faceted artist this year." - Yab Yum Muisc & Arts

"Dadadoh is going to do some amazing things this year — mark my word. The first hint is the new single "Do It." It's a soulful hip-hop number that totally hits the spot. Against a sinister and synth-heavy backing track, Dadadoh tells the story of a sexually insatiable female acquaintance. With any other music backing it, it would be a party anthem for the sex-positive, but the music is ominous and haunting. It's a fascinating dichotomy as Dadadoh tells of a narcissistic woman who is all about her phone, going out, being seen, and taking lots of pictures (presumably selfies). That said, what she really wants to do is get laid, again and again, until she can't go on. It's a touch celebratory, a touch sad, and a bit reflective — which may not seem that way lyrically, but the beat provides darkness surrounding the whole affair. At song beings, Dadadoh seems resistant and "ain't even tryin' to see just a little bit," but by the end, he's come around, advising: 'Fuck anybody that be throwing shade / 'Cause I'm gonna be up in the pussy till I'm in my grave.'" - Mitchell Hillman, The Phoenix New Times


she just wanna real one
spend a lil' time wit a villain
black eye pea - boy got a feelin'
o.p.p. when it come to millions
this one...
type you gotta get like
ain't been a muhfugga who done got right
i done got my own lane but i just might
drive the whole fucking thing over black ice
but this ain't black right?
blackout, woke up just to find out
if i look up while they all look around
bet everybody around it gonna feel me now
i ain't even wanna hit, i ain't even tryin' see just a lil' bit
how you saying that we only just friends
when you telling me let's do it again

she just want to do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
girl do it again
girl do it again
girl do it again
till' she can't no more

she just wanna tell a nigga hold that
took a picture on my phone of the moment
i ain't even know she was on that
grown folks only know where my dome at
she just wanna blaze up, be dicked down, take shots, is we hookin' up, i guess we are, is you guess we are, i guess...
she just wanna go out, be seen, take pics
drink so much nigga drivin' her whip, she on her phone and shit
she on her phone
we just wanna get laid, get paid
fuck anybody that be throwing shade cause i'm gonna be up in the pussy till i'm in my grave
she just wanna do me

she just want to do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
girl do it again
girl do it again
girl do it again
till' she can't no more


released February 5, 2016
Recorded, Mixed, Engineered & Written by Bryan Preston
Mastered by Scott M.
Cover Art - B. Preston
Performed by DaDadoh for TVLiFE Entertainment (2016)



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DaDadoh Tempe, Arizona

#TVLiFE Entertainment (2016)

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