Get Rich From It (Remix)

by Stylez B, 330Meech & DaDadoh

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My cousins Stylez B & 330Meech from VA have been releasing music consistently for awhile now! They just released this song today & I'm dropping this 12 bar remix to help them promote it. All sales from this song will be sent to them in a 50/50 split.

Stylez B

330 Meech

Hear the OG Version:


Im my own man
No big homies
Pave my way wit dis music
Gon get rich from it
Watch yo homies
Dont get snaked out
Creep on up on em while he lonely
An knock his dreds off
Im bouta score
Like its baseball
I been grinding everyday
Hoping this shit pay off
We got the party pack
Come wit us an takeoff
They dont really support yo shit
Until it takeoff
Im the future got that vision
Aint wit da gimmicks
really wit it
Im wit dem steppas an we steppin
Im here for da bag
No need check in
We goin up wit it
Cant help but to respect it
Its different levels lil niggas
Yea You aint on dis shit
Im sicker than corona bitch
An i aint looking for no handouts
Putting sum moves in motion
Man i pray this shit pan out
Niggas was flexin wit bread
But it look like it then ran out
Yea They asking for links
Oh they fans now
And if you lookin for da boss
Then jus come to me

Ian been the same
Since they took my nigga
Racks Away
And Kashtro
Man it get real hard
It’s hard to pay attention
keep my guard up
heart covered
Been through to much
That’s why it’s scared up
Mixing with the Henney
Got me feeling right
G star
On my shirt
The Maken
For the pants right
Told my niggas just to chill
Please go get your bag right
Ian worried bout
What these niggas saying
I’m just praying
Focus up
Just to better myself
Better my wealth
Move militant
I’m moving in stealth
I better my health
Everybody say they there for me
But I can’t even tell
Sitting lonely in that cell
Calls from my baby
Everyday she wish Me well
I shoulda went to college
All the knowledge
in my head
better then these
freaky Bitches running through my mind
Ian got the time
Gripping on her waist
Bend on her over
I fuck her from behind
My brothers told me
Always keep it a stack
And never fw the rats
Mistro with the music
Organize my facts
Ian never been the same
and this shit a stack

Big mack like McDonalds
Looking mo' like my father
Off of the plane to the rental
Drove it straight to the holler
No college but scholared
Getting green like dem collards
Bruh been eating burritos but no habla to coppers
Dey say, 'Aye boy, Aye boy? When u gon come back home?'
If u aint wit Meech or Stylez B, please leave me alone
I done got two phones
And u can’t have no numbers
I ain't the best damn rapper
Just the one that ain't frontin
Boy lemme tell y’all something
I should shut my mouth
Lay my head in southwest
But my heart be the south
Punk been my movement
And moving no doubt
But that punk shit dey doing
I can’t figure it out
And don’t want to


released April 2, 2021
In Order or Appearance: Stylez B, 330Meech, Dadadoh


all rights reserved



DaDadoh Tempe, Arizona

#TVLiFE Entertainment (2017)

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